Water colour painting…

I was going on thinking what should I post today. How should Convey you all about the fun we get when we play with colours.

Today I’m posting a water colour picture drawn by me few months back.

Saying about this Painting.

" Look how happy they are when together" Stay happy.. <3
” Look how happy they are when together”
Stay happy.. ❤

I saw this picture when I was searching about water colouring. So I thought to give a try. The result is in front of you all. Have a look guys.


My first oil painting!!!

I love to paint.! I love to play with the colours..  This picture was my first attempt in oil painting i really enjoyed making this beautiful picture! Have a look guys!
Everyone is asking me about my inspiration of this work! As i said before i love colours.. I love to try new new things in painting, drawing etc..
As i said this was my first attempt, So first thing i did is i learned about this painting, I started to explore. I went through so much of Video lectures, Thus I got this idea of landscape and reflections.. 🙂 🙂 🙂