Art isn’t paint; It’s LOVE..❤❤

This was my last painting of last year..😜  I did this painting for my friend, there are three more in this series which I’m still working on. Painting this piece has boosted my confidence level one bar high.


It’s a classical art form of Kerala (a state in India), known as Kathakali. The term ‘Katha’ means ‘a story or a conversation, or traditional tale’ and ‘Kali’ means ‘performance’. It is a story play, it has colourful makeup, costumes and head gears also.

Kathakali got it’s attention because of the magnificent colours used for makeup. These make-ups are known as Vesham, It defines the characters played. There are five different types of veshams. The one which I have done is named as “Pacha (Green)”. It’s called “pacha”  because of the colour used for make-up.The pacha vesham with its green colour is used to represent Satvik (pious) , noble male characters.

The next painting in this series which I’m working on is called ‘Minnukku’. In minnukku, the make-up is with yellow colour which is used to portray women and pious characters. But you have to wait a little for the ‘Minnukku’ painting. Because I have just started it.

I hope you all will love this painting as much as I do.

Ending my today’s blog by the words of Salvador Dali

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others”

Live, Love, Laugh…!

New year,New beginning..😍

And it’s the end of this year.

I’ve heard every body saying  “New year, new hopes” but for me it’s a new beginning. A new year is an excuse to make a new start. It’s very much true..😉 New year should be a new start to do something or the time to restart something which you have left behind. 

There might be things which you wanna forgot. Don’t hold on to it. Just move on. Leave your anger, frustration, sorrow, failures behind and move on in your life. But learn from it. 

Don’t let the past blackmail your present to ruin a beautiful future“.

I do take new year resolutions.. but always fail to complete it..🙄 but this time I want to do it differently. This time I wanna do something which I failed to do earlier. 

❤Hand embroidery ❤ I thought of trying it out of inspiration.

We meet so many people in our life. Some people inspire us. Some people teach us. Few will support us. I’ve met one such person in my life. My friend not just a friend my mentor, my advisor, my soul sister, everything. She has inspired me, taught me  to speak up, supported me throughout. 

She does hand embroidery soo beautifully. I’ve seen her giving her 100% doing that. She has inspired me soo much, that I couldn’t stop myself from trying it again. 

❤❤Love you praba…❤❤ You are really awesome.

Today I’m sharing an oil painting which I’ve shared in my first blog post. 

I’m sharing this picture again because this oil painting was the first ever oil painting I did, it was a new start for me. And now, it’s a favourite hobby for me.

Life is nothing without lovely people in it. I would like to thank everyone for being there for me. Especially my sister, my mother, my life, my friends. This year can never been happy without you all. You all inspire me.

Love you all and begin this coming year with soo much of love and happiness. Have a super duper year..❤

Listen to your own voice, your own soul

It is a lovely day, with a warm weather completed by the cool breeze that makes you all alive again!! I was thinking that what should I write today? Which drawing of mine should I share today? And finally found that drawing which I drew few years back.  This picture is absolute favorite of mine. As we say ‘Old is Gold’, this picture is 24 carat gold for me. It beautifully shows the love a mama elephant has for her baby elephant. The universal love and care every mother has for her children.😍

Love, what does it define? We say love has no boundaries; love is this love is that… I know, it’s all TRUE. But, does we only have Love for others or which we have for something? Well NO. It’s not only about the love which we have for someone or something but also for ourselvesLove is what keeps us alive. Right? You know what “Mickey Mouse” told, the same Mickey Mouse one of our favorite cartoon character. He told that, “To laugh at yourself IS TO LOVE YOURSELF. Well said,. Right? There are always going to be things you don’t like about yourself or reasons to compare yourself to others. I myself used to do that, I used to compare myself with others. But when I realized that there is only one ME. Nobody else can be YOU. Be yourself. Love yourself. I thought I should the BEST of ME. And now, I’m the BEST in myself. 🙂

So guys, You will get only one YOU. Be the ‘BEST YOU’ possible.  Let me tell you, The secret of attraction is to love yourself more than to be loved.😉

If some asks you to name all the things you love, don’t even take a second to think, just ‘name yourself’ first. ❤ ❤


Ending my today’s blog with the beautiful lines by Leon Brown “Listen to your own voice, your own soul.”

Live Love Laugh! 

“To paint is to love again”

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is take a break. Even I took a break from everything for a while. But now it’s time to restart everything in the best way. I’m a girl who love colors, who loses herself in colors when she paints. Painting has always been a passion for me.

From today i’m starting to share my paintings among you all. Today, sharing a beautiful oil painting of “Lord Ganesha” (Vigneshwara) which I drew on the auspicious day of Ganesh chaturthi few months back.

When I started painting, first thought that came to my mind was I can’t do this. Because, I felt it won’t work, it won’t come out well. But, as everyone say, “forget all the reasons why it won’t work and believe the one reason why it will“. Then I thought, why should I think all these before even starting to do it. I should believe in myself. My mother used to tell me, if you believe that you can, anything is possible. And you can see ‘I DID’. Mothers are always right. 😉 ❤

Never Ever lose your hope. Never Ever lose your love towards the things which makes you feel alive.

Live, Love, Laugh…..

Ganpati Bappa Morya

I’m ending today’s blog with beautiful lines of ‘Henry Miller’.

“To paint is to love again, and to love is to live life to the fullest”


Water colour painting…

I was going on thinking what should I post today. How should Convey you all about the fun we get when we play with colours.

Today I’m posting a water colour picture drawn by me few months back.

Saying about this Painting.

" Look how happy they are when together" Stay happy.. <3
” Look how happy they are when together”
Stay happy.. ❤

I saw this picture when I was searching about water colouring. So I thought to give a try. The result is in front of you all. Have a look guys.

My first oil painting!!!

I love to paint.! I love to play with the colours..  This picture was my first attempt in oil painting i really enjoyed making this beautiful picture! Have a look guys!
Everyone is asking me about my inspiration of this work! As i said before i love colours.. I love to try new new things in painting, drawing etc..
As i said this was my first attempt, So first thing i did is i learned about this painting, I started to explore. I went through so much of Video lectures, Thus I got this idea of landscape and reflections.. 🙂 🙂 🙂